Custom Extruding

Our Facility

We have a state of the art facility that as our pet food side of the business continues to grow and evolve we are expanding and adding new machinery to keep up with our manufacturing and pet nutrition technology. 

We manufacture many private label brands that are in the Canadian pet market segment and internationally (overseas). We manufacture our own brands of The Great Canadian Pet Food and True Pure Choice.

Spectrum Feed Services Ltd.,

At Spectrum Feed Services we are proud to source 99% of our high-quality ingredients with in 100km of Moorefield Ontario. We are dedicated with our innovative and scientific research to create formulas that provide top performance nutrition to meet life stages, activity levels and sensitivities.

At Spectrum Feed Services Ltd., our mission is to provide excellent nutrition for performance and longevity. We feel that we have a responsibility to our customers to keep value in mind while producing the best nutrition. We can use many exotic ingredients that come from half way around the world with really very limited advantages to dogs and cats wellbeing. We have strong relationships with local suppliers that meet and exceed excellent nutrition with their local ingredients. We know pet parents want the best nutrition for their furry family members and love that it is sourced locally.