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Spectrum Feed Services

In 1991 Spectrum Feed Services Ltd opened its doors for the first time. At the time a group of partners came together with the intention of supplying a higher level of nutrition services than the industry was providing at the time. Two of the operating partners had been working with a large multinational supplier in the animal feed business. They were convinced that the company would be successful by applying the current state of technical know how in a practical way.

There were many new concepts that had been validated at the university level that were proven to improve animal performance and reduce feed costs. In order to do this effectively, it was clear to us that we had to have our own production capability, so we purchased a closed feed mill and pet food plant and renovated it to our needs.

Spectrum Feed Services Ltd.,

In 1996 we started to manufacture pet foods. One of our nutritionists had much experience in the pet food business. We operate two production facilities in the Moorefield area.

The pet food side of our business continues to grow. We manufacture a very wide range of products from economy to very high end. Our original product line, The Great Canadian Pet Food continues to grow in the market place. The company’s philosophy has always been to provide excellent nutrition for performance and longevity. We also feel that we have a responsibility to our customers to keep value in mind. We can use many exotic ingredients that come from half way around the world that have limited advantage to dogs and cats. Many people in the industry are continually looking for different ingredients that allow their products to stand out to customers even though they may have limited benefit and increase cost.

We have formed strong relationships with many suppliers and industry experts with the goal of maximizing customer value.

After 25 years we have evolved into a family run business. We continue to hear the things that matter the most to us – our customers comments about superior animal health and performance.